August-October Round-up

It’s been a long time since we’ve done one of these! We’ve been busy “making” and it shows…here are some of the things we’ve been working on:

The details for a puppet show, coming to a village near you (hopefully) in May….

New illustrations for the Open House invitations this year…attachment with details to come- It’s always a great time with craft sales, children’s activities, wreath-making, and tours. Come join us on December 5th!

We had the mother of a coworker here come in and do a still life class with some of the Innisfree artists. I didn’t get a picture of the set-up unfortunately (it was gorgeous!) but here are some of the paintings that resulted from the still life. Gorgeous colors and great style…I always love what these guys come up with. And it usually surprises me!

We did a custom napkin order for a friend! Yes! She works on a farm and wanted vegetable napkins for her coworkers- we decided on beets, okra, corn, squash, and chickens (not a vegetable of course but still cute!). We shipped them off with some woodshop napkin rings…I hope they’re in enjoyed for years to come! IMG_0054

We had an art show! It was a great success and I think the artists were encouraged and felt celebrated. Their work looked SO lovely all professionally hung in a beautiful space.


That’s it! November will be lots of fun too…centerpieces for our Family Day celebration, lots of new prints (52 weeks of printmaking is almost at a close!), new products for upcoming craft events and maybe even a tutorial….thanks for sticking with us!

“Colorshow” at Tabor Presbyterian

We did it! The Innisfree Art Studio had their very first solo art show. Up in the spacious, bright space that is the Tabor Presbyterian Church in Crozet until Thanksgiving, visitors can take a peek into the colorful world of the Innisfree Artists. There’s something really magical about work from the studio being framed and hung in a gorgeous space, and admired by friends and family members.

We often get the opportunity to congratulate each other for a job well done, but rarely in the context of such a celebratory environment. We are so thankful to Crozet Cares and Julie for supporting us, helping to hang the pieces, and providing refreshments for the evening! Below is the description of why we feel this art is so special and some photographs from the night. We are looking forward to the Very Special Arts show that goes up in March at Carver Recreation center in Charlottesville, so fear not this is not your last opportunity to appreciate the raw talent of the Innisfree Artists!

Screenshot 2015-10-23 09.52.20


Four ways to find us!

We are so pleased to announce FOUR ways you can interact with the exciting work coming out of Innisfree Village over the next few months- two will feature work from the Innisfree Art Studio and two will feature work from our weavery and woodshop.

  1. FleaVille


The first is Fleaville, a maker’s market at the IX Art Park in Charlottesville. We’ll be selling our printed goods in all kinds of fiber-wonderful forms (aprons, pillow, and keychains to name a few) so please come out and say Hi!

When: September 12 from 10-2 pm

Where:  The IX Art Park: 963 2nd St SE, Charlottesville, VA 22902

What: A vintage and artisan market featuring local and regional artisans from clothing to homemade bath products to jewelry and printed goods!

2.43rd Street Festival of the Arts 


On the same day, Innisfree will be at the 43rd Street Festival of the Arts in Richmond, VA

When: September 12 from 10-5 pm

Where: Forest Avenue and 43rd Street in Richmond

What: 75 Artisans, Local musicians, and street art as well as a fundraiser for “CARITAS” an organization that helps to break the cycles of homelessness and addiction in the Metro Richmond area so that people can lead stable lives.

See what exciting vendors will be attending here  (including Innisfree’s weavery and woodshop!)

3. Crozet Arts and Crafts Festival


Our weavery and woodshop will be selling their goods in Claudius Crozet Park at this yearly festival.

When: October 10-11, 10-5:30pm both days

Where: Claudius Crozet Park, Crozet, Virginia 22932

What: From the facebook page: “With 120+ Fine Artists and Contemporary Craft Artisans exhibiting from around the country, the Crozet Arts and Crafts Festivals are Central Virginia’s premier juried Art and Craft event.”

Facebook updates can be found here for the festival

4. “Colorshow” gallery opening at Tabor Presbyterian Church


This is the Innisfree Art Studio’s curated gallery opening called “Colorshow”, taking place at the Tabor Presbyterian church in Crozet (directly next to the library) Traditionally, this event is called “Second Saturdays” hosted by Crozet Cares but this year it will be on the third Saturday in October (October 17) because of the Crozet Craft Fair taking place the weekend before.

When: Satuday, October 17th in the evening (exact time TBA)

Where: 5804 Tabor Street Crozet, A 22932

What: Innisfree Art Studio’s own art show!

And as always, you can get weavery, woodshop, and farm goods online here 

Meeting goals

We did it! We raised our entire fundraising goal and more- THANK YOU for all that participated. We are forever grateful for your generosity and kindness. We’re looking forward to making our art look professional and gallery-ready and and can’t wait to share with you the final results! Over the next few months we’ll be getting our pieces ready for an upcoming show- please check back! Screenshot 2015-05-25 10.11.14   Thank you to Suzanne for snapping some shots of the workshop at The Bridge Progressive Arts Initiative this past Saturday. Friendly faces old and new came to participate in this collaborative quilt and we can’t wait to see the finished product hanging around town. It was so serendipitous that there was already a quilt show hanging in the space when we arrived- a collaboration between the Culpepper Juvenile Correctional Center and Roy Mitchell Jr., an African American educator with a passion for quilting- read more here . It made for such a cozy setting and great acoustics for blasting tunes from the local radio station. Thanks to all that came out to participate!

Although Innisfree is a great support system in and of itself, I’m looking forward to creating partnerships with other local groups to further foster creative spaces such as the one this past weekend. I’m so grateful to The Bridge for opening up their space to us and would love to collaborate with more groups around town. Be on the lookout for this bright, geometric quilt and come participate should you see more Innisfree hosted events! On the horizon- new fabric patterns (including yet another collaborative quilt project!), a peak at the custom art pieces for our fundraising awards and our new solution for using fabric scraps.