Inspired by Nature outdoors and indoors…

Last week, Amy made these really great bird feeders with the nature group out of corn syrup and birdseed.


They were left to dry all week, and we came in this past Friday to string them up and get them ready to hang in trees. We had such great luck with weather! It was warm and sunny and there were many, many birds around to watch as we hung up treats for them in the trees.

I realize this is typically something you would do when food for birds is scarce, but we couldn’t help but try to make friends with the birds in this spectacular weather! Next week we’ll have to go around to the spots we chose to check and see if the birds had found their treats. Afterwards, we came back to the art room to color in pages of native birds and drink some lemonade. Everyone had fun, and we even did some impromptu stretching on the trail! Hurrah for enthusiastic participants!


We also have some new works we’d like to show you in anticipation of another art show we have coming up this summer….



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