April Round-up

We have been trying to enjoy this gorgeous spring as much as possible, which has resulted in some really fun projects this past month! The Innisfree Art Studio has expanded into a 3 days/week workstation and it’s been so fun coming up with more and more projects to suit all sorts of needs. Here’s a peek into what we’ve been up to:

For our first “Nature Art” period, we went on a walk looking for all sorts of spring sights. Feathers, flowers, worms, water, butterflies, and compost! The following week we painted dogwoods for Earth Day and talked about ways we can be kind to the earth.

Another exciting thing that happened in April is that Elizabeth finished the Olaf doll she’s been working so hard on over the past few months. It’s been a long time coming since she designed, cut, sewed, painted, and pinned everything by hand so this is an event worth celebrating!


We also experimented with “Eco printing” last week! I’ve been looking for ways to play with flower petals and it was perfect timing since tulips and ranunculus are on their way out (with other gorgeous flowers on their way in!). We went on a walk to gather rocks (for pounding the petals to release pigment), flowers, and leaves and then came back to the art room to arrange pluck the petals, arrange them on fabric, and then pound away to see what colors we could print onto the fabric! It was pretty fun, but I think next time we’ll wait until it’s a nice day outside and figure out a way to dance on the fabric instead!

Though Mayfair was technically May 1st, most of our preparation happened in April and we were able to get lots of goodies out for sale that we’ve been working hard at these past months. We had printed bags, aprons, cards, and pouches as well as paper bowls, paper, jewelry, and keychains.


That’s all for April! We’re looking forward to designing some new prints in May, preparing for an art show in June, going on many more walks, reading books about Nature, dancing to fun music, and even learning more about mediation!


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