Snow Day Fun sponsored by the letter “P”

I’m sure by now everyone’s sick of talking about the snow. We have almost a 1.5 feet and I’ve never seen Innisfree so beautiful. That being said, going outside was impossible for a day or two so we kept ourselves busy drawing, watching movies, and cooking! One of the things we did we have a “P” day. I don’t know how it worked out that way but it just seemed like Picasso, Painting, and Paint-palette cookies were just what the doctor ordered (along with some Physical activity in the form of yoga!)

So, we set about to draw on moustaches in eyeliner-pencil (so we felt like artists, of course) and learn a bit about Picasso from youtube (the internet is so handy sometimes!)

Then we laid our heads down on a piece of paper and traced the profiles of our faces (another “P”!), then proceeded to add lots of color in each of our own unique ways. One thing we talked about was Picasso’s way of abstracting a face- the way the eyes, mouth, nose, etc. can all be placed in random ways on the face. I love the way these turned out!


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