“Colorshow” at Tabor Presbyterian

We did it! The Innisfree Art Studio had their very first solo art show. Up in the spacious, bright space that is the Tabor Presbyterian Church in Crozet until Thanksgiving, visitors can take a peek into the colorful world of the Innisfree Artists. There’s something really magical about work from the studio being framed and hung in a gorgeous space, and admired by friends and family members.

We often get the opportunity to congratulate each other for a job well done, but rarely in the context of such a celebratory environment. We are so thankful to Crozet Cares and Julie for supporting us, helping to hang the pieces, and providing refreshments for the evening! Below is the description of why we feel this art is so special and some photographs from the night. We are looking forward to the Very Special Arts show that goes up in March at Carver Recreation center in Charlottesville, so fear not this is not your last opportunity to appreciate the raw talent of the Innisfree Artists!

Screenshot 2015-10-23 09.52.20



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