End of July Round-up

Oh no! We forgot to set goals last month! Why does it always seem like the summer months fly by faster than the others? Instead, let’s look back at what we did and re-cap as well as set new goals for August:

I’m much more active on Instagram than on this blog, so if you want to take a peak at what’s happening on a more consistent basis, make sure to look to the right (the top of the righthand sidebar of this blog) at the latest Instagram picture. Along that vein, according to our Insta feed this is what happened in July…

We made a MESS:

From mixing paints to tie-dye to experimenting with texture on our new canvas roll to paper mâché….we went a little wild and a little messy in July.


We showed our love for VEGGIES!:

Between the new stamps made of Innisfree veggies and the abundant vegetable buckets arriving on our doorstep each week, we CELEBRATED all kinds of vegetables this month

We said goodbye:

The Lovely Becca who has been working with us for about a year had her last art class on Tuesday. Just having someone every week to thread needles, mix paints, help guide and provide inspiration was wonderful…we will truly miss her!

This month we will prepare for a gallery opening on October 17 in Crozet, sew sew sew away for FleaVille (a Charlottesville maker’s market) on September 12, and keep working on our puppet project! Did I mention we’re making puppets??