52 weeks of printmaking- the halfway mark

IMG_3231We have now made it to halfway and beyond our year of producing a new print every week! This vegetable project really pushed us ahead (and  allowed us to catch up since we’d been falling behind…whoops!). This series has inspired me to see if we can come up with a native plant series. The pawpaw was done by one of the kids here and she was OVER THE MOON to see it come to life in a print. Here are the past 10 weeks…

52printmaking_weeks21-30Week 21- Collaborative quilt from our workshop at The Bridge PAI (it’t not yet finished, but all the tiles have been sewn together!)

(these will not be in order, per se, but in my mind they definitely fill the quota for a new print every week) 

Week 22- Arugula by Ellie

Week 23- Beets by Elizabeth

Week 24- Corn by Andy

Week 25- Basil by Ellie (Halfway!)

Week 26- Okra by Elizabeth

Week 27- Peppers by Kim

Week 28- Squash by Corinne

Week 29- Broccoli by Corinne

Week 30- Paw Paw by Ariel

IMG_3229These veggies will be printed on some tote bag linings over the next week or so…and they’ll be in the most gorgeous colors designed by an Innisfree volunteer

Still to come….celery, tomatoes, onions, leeks, garlic, more herbs, and more native plants!

Also still to come…veggie trading cards (with artist profiles), a banner and t-shirts for a friend’s farmers market booth, and finished products with our new veggie prints.