Inspiration Monday: Very Special Arts

11700764_947387678617160_2448502541672805881_oThis past Friday we went to the public reception at City Space gallery to see art by VSA (Very Special Arts) artists; JABA’s Adults Care Center, Alzheimer’s Association Arts Fusion program, Post High, ARC of the piedmont, Region Ten, and other individual artists from the area were all represented. From quilts to paintings, to masks, and photography there was something for everyone to enjoy and many people had fun picking out the pieces that they themselves might make!

Jean was inspired by the oils and watercolors, and expressed an interest in  doing some portrait work. Katie was drawn to the expressive paintings and Elizabeth loved the animal masks and geometric drawings by an artist named Amanda. Christopher loved looking at all the animals that were drawn or painted and Jim enjoyed the A.C. ;).

The opportunity to see art by other adults like Innisfree coworkers is so important for our understanding of how art making fits into our local community. Often we get so into our work in the art studio that we forget other people do what we do, too, and we should take the time to appreciate their hard work in the arts! Elizabeth was eager to participate in the short presentation done by the director of Charlottesville’s VSA program and expressed that she too was an artist because she painted and was a weaver and would like to show her work in a space like the one we were visiting. It was very cool to see her interact with a great organization and express an interest in participating!

It’s for this reason that we don’t just make functional art in the studio like printmaking on fabric for bags, napkins, aprons, etc. because painting and drawing is an essential part of gaining inspiration and presenting our unique styles to art lovers in our area.

In the spirit of sharing work, here are a few things we have completed and a few things that are still in progress…