Inspiration Monday: Action painting!

While doing some research for an event in the village that would combine the talents of the fitness and art programs I realized something. Painting while moving is in and of itself an actual art movement! I tried many google searches from “painting to music” to “body painting” (not what I thought it was!) and finally came upon “dance painting” which is also referred to as “Action painting”. Popularly used in corporate environments as a community building and relaxation technique, Action painting was first coined as a term in 1952 by Harold Rosenberg. “Art as an act rather than an object” is the general idea behind Action painting and I think it suits our artists at Innisfree very well! I think we tend towards things that feel good to us- the way a paintbrush reacts to the surface of the canvas and the way our hands feel when they’re shaping clay. The product of those movements becomes secondary and we’re able to simply move for the sake of moving and produce something beautiful as a byproduct.

Here are some examples of historical Action Painters:

As I’m sure you’ve noticed we’re BIG on abstraction. There are very few Innisfree artists who are interested in realistic art (besides Katie’s interest in photography) and many are more than happy to just apply color to paper and revel in simply the action itself. If we can expand this into a musical performance dance with paint- I think we could make something really cool! I imagine it going something like this…


Though it’s even possible to do more of a “round robin” thing where we have several large canvases (or sheets of canvas) and switch spots after each song…this video shows a great result of that technique!

And wheelchair painting is ALWAYS cool