Inspiration Wednesday: community events

I’ve been on vacation in Denver so we haven’t been updating but I’ll get some pictures from the studio on Friday and update you on some exciting projects- completed and just beginning.

For now, here’s some great eye-candy.

Once a month, elementary school teacher Ryan Trott hosts a “free draw” event at The Bridge PAI and they have  a tumblr page where he posts some drawings. They’re great! Some are free-form, some become actual items (hand puppets) but all are inspired…check out their feed here:

An example from the tumblr page: 3rd grade landscape, fall 2014

And here’s an article posted by Smithsonian Magazine (link to article) about photographer André Vicente Gonçalves’s series “Windows of the world“. They’re absolutely gorgeous collages that would take me hours to go through…who knew windows could have so many details! We could certainly make a collage of this sort in art class…I can imagine clear film for the windows, strips of paper and blocks of colorful paper for the surrounding part of the window. We could illustrate ourselves or our ideal background in the window behind the clear film to give an illusion of the view! What fun these would be…