End of May round-up

Did we meet our May goals?

1. Get each artist to create a piece we can hang for a show coming up this fall. This goal will spread over the next few months but we should keep it in mind starting now! YES! Everyone has at least one piece of art to hang in the upcoming show. We have some refining and some finishing up to do but I think we have plenty of piece. NOW onto framing. AND the reveal of Jean and my idea for a few art series for her later this month.

2.Make sure each artist has a stamp or a screen we’re working with so that everyone is represented in the prints we make. Not everyone is represented in stamps or screens but almost. What I’ve realized is that the reason we started printmaking (either stamping or screen printing) in the first place was because some had stronger line work and drawing style and some had that specific motor skills that are so helpful for assisting stamping and printing aforementioned designs. So I’d say we’re right where we need to be- now to get folks more independent with the printing process

3. Send out Indiegogo rewards! I’m so thankful to have raised as much as we have, and am looking forward to saying “THANK YOU” with the Innisfree Artists! Almost done with the rewards! Everything but the custom paintings are sent out and those will hopefully go out at the end of this week.

4. Start a group painting with the first art class. I’d love to find a way to combine all the artist’s skills that are in the earlier class and start a collaborative (large!) painting with all participants. We also haven’t started a group painting- I keep meaning to go to our local hardware store and get discarded house paints. Our acrylics are great but they’re in such small amounts it would be better to work with large brushes and bigger buckets of paint. I’d love to hang several skinny panels of our group work at the upcoming show.

Goals for June:

1. Move into our new space! YES we have a new space and we are SO excited. It looks fantastic, has lots of storage, a great utility sink, plenty of wall space for hanging etc. etc. Pics to follow

2. Try to set up each artist with their own set of supplies. It would be so nice for each person to have their own paint cups, set of brushes, watercolor palette, and perhaps markers and crayons etc. Maybe this will help to take care of our supplies better if each person is caring for their own set of stuff.

3. Keep working on the group painting! Do we need a theme? Do we want to recruit one of our artists to design a mural that we help with painting?

4. Piece together our two group quilts. This might be impossible for this month but we’ll see!

5. Finish our super secret quilt project! (unrelated to #4….will show pics ASAP!)

This is going to be a WILD month but I know we’ll do our best and make some GREAT stuff along the way. Thanks for catching up with us!

A hint towards one of the group quilts we’re working on