New work, exciting updates, and a bit of luck

New work: Things got SO colorful on Tuesday. Every time I think I can predict how a person will respond to a certain medium or subject, they completely surprise me. I love how it feels in the art room when we’re working away, not speaking, maybe grinning or giggling from time to time, and just enjoying each other’s company. Emma got SO giddy at the idea of drawing a dog that she just dove in and was perhaps the most concentrated I’ve ever seen her. We’re going to try a different dog or animal next week! Currently we’re just working on getting a body of work made so we can begin “curating” and picking out favorites or techniques to work on that we particularly like. I’d love to see a series of Emma’s dogs or Katie’s flowers made (first photo). Groups of similar paintings are so lovely and you really get to know an artist’s style when you see how their hand carries over from piece to piece.

We are now in our 20th week of #52weeksofprintmaking! If you’re not already, follow on instagram to see the new prints coming out (mostly) every week. Here’s a recap of the last 20 weeks… 52printmaking_weeks1-10

1) Airplanes – Corinne

2) Flowers- Brooke

3) Houses- Brooke

4) Houses- Vinh

5) Flowers- Elizabeth

6) Flowers- Kim

7) Dots – Sian

8) Hearts- All!

9) Dancing heart man- Corinne

10) House- Elizabeth


11) Bok Choy – Ellie (week 10 was changed to Elizabeth’s house because I realize I left that out!)

12) Clouds – Corinne

13) “Love letters” – Stephen

14) Abstract lines- Andy

15) Apples (Corinne- combined with Bok Choy and Carrots to make a special print!)

16,17) Carrots and Kites – Mark and Brooke respectively

18) Ladybugs – Corinne

19) Rabbit – Corinne

20) Texture printing- all community members!

Our second update is about the Indiegogo campaign to raise money for framing our art! We’ve surpassed our goal of $1,500 at $1,595 with still two weeks to go. Any money not used for framing pieces will go to supplies for an upcoming workshop, printmaking supplies, and useful things to go in our new art room! Go here to add valuable resources to our art program!

Oh wait did I mention we have a new art room? Yes, in a few short weeks we will no longer be meeting in our community space that is used for meetings, music class, birthday parties, dance parties, extra eating room, and craft fairs. I’d put up pictures now but the space we’re moving into is torn to pieces- to make room for all kinds of exciting things like a supply closet and a utility sink! (Yes I get excited about utility sinks).

One final mention- On May 23 from 1-3 pm at the Bridge Progressive Arts Initiative  Innisfree will be hosting a Community Quilt workshop. Anyone in the Charlottesville area please come out for this FREE event of stamping our own quilt block to make a community quilt, and even a piece of your own to take home. As much as we love making art with each other, we would LOVE to share our ideas with the community so come make art with Innisfree!

And here’s your bit of luck!