Photo shoot

We had a modeling session on Tuesday to show off some of the products we’ll be selling at Mayfair (a family event that takes place every May with a craft fair, entertainment, hors d’oeuvres, and a plant sale) and at the Crozet craft fair so we don’t forget what we made! The art class hasn’t had a lot to show at Innisfree events or community events in the past and I’m hoping this can kickstart something really good for us. Hopefully all of the artists are really proud of themselves…it sure looks like it in these pictures! Even if someone didn’t have a direct hand in all of these projects, each product is inspired by a discussion we had in art class, a random sketch we found in our sketchbooks, or sometimes just a love of color.

These last two pictures are very unique efforts by Elizabeth and Corinne ,though Corinne has an even bigger effort waiting in the wings as soon as I get my act together and find her sewing pattern! (don’t forget to click into the pictures to read the captions)