End of April Round-up

Ok, so I dropped the ball on the end of March round-up for some reason. I’d like to think it was just because we were having too much fun to notice the time passing…or maybe I was just waiting for some exciting updates to add to our repertoire! According to the end of February round-up, our goals for March were

1. Continue to create corresponding stamps to accompany screens for printing

2. Do a project that helps us learn about a famous artist who has contributed to their community (to reference an upcoming workshop that we will participate in!)

3. Double our inventory for upcoming craft fairs so we can spend the month of April labeling and refining


4. Make some progress on our self portraits for a possible group display in the office.

We certainly made more stamps- perhaps 6 or 7 new ones from 3 different artists! They don’t correspond with screens because I’ve found it feels redundant to have both a screen and a stamp in the same pattern. They’re such different processes and it’s fun to see both screen and stamp form but we haven’t done much with combining the two yet so for now we’ll treat them as separate entities.

In reference to #2- we did the workshop and it wasn’t connected to one artist specifically but it was connected to an entire collective in the UK so we can count it! The April Community Gathering was lots of fun and I’ll be posting updates soon about the progress of the community quilt it will become.

I’m not sure about doubling but we’ve definitely added many new items to the art class inventory! The goal is just to make as much as possible before Mayfair without driving ourselves crazy 🙂 I’d call that a good goal!

We finished up the in-progress self portraits, and there are a couple folks that have yet to do theirs so hopefully we’ll add a couple to the collection in May. This may eventually go up in the office but (and this brings me to exciting update #1) we’ll be having a group show in October and these will be the perfect pieces to display!

Exciting update #2 is that we’ll be doing another workshop at the end of May at The Bridge Progressive Arts Initiative ! More specifics to come, but it’s been really nice to have the community gathering and workshop with Arts Fusion to prepare for this.

Here are are some pictures of us working away on some paintings…layer one down ?layers to go!

I also want to add an exciting update about our Indiegogo campaign. We’ve raised $1,300 and we still have $200 to go before the end of May but even if we don’t make it we’ll still have raised enough to get framing! If you’re able, go to https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/innisfree-village-art-gallery and donate $1 or more. We’ll be putting an update up soon about the art prints available to those who donate $10 or more, but unfortunately the bigger incentives are all snatched up.

Goals for May:

1. Get each artist to create a piece we can hang for a show coming up this fall. This goal will spread over the next few months but we should keep it in mind starting now!

2. Make sure each artist has a stamp or a screen we’re working with so that everyone is represented in the prints we make

3. Send out Indiegogo rewards! I’m so thankful to have raised as much as we have, and am looking forward to saying “THANK YOU” with the Innisfree Artists!

4. Start a group painting with the first art class. I’d love to find a way to combine all the artist’s skills that are in the earlier class and start a collaborative (large!) painting with all participants.