Indiegogo Campaign: The Innisfree Art Gallery

I have many, many dreams- some of them unachievable in this lifetime, though stranger things have happened. Sometimes I struggle with thinking about the smaller steps that can be done in the short term in order to make way to those larger dreams in the long term. And then sometimes, very rarely, it occurs to me that people might just want to help make these things happen. What a thought! I tell the Innisfree artists all the time that we’re not here to struggle along on our own, rather; we need to give in to the fact that what we’re asking for might just be exactly what someone else has to offer. Need more water for your paints? Corinne’s on it. Not sure quite how to cut out that hard shape? Vinh’s a pro. Want some positive encouragement? Elizabeth has ample supply. We all have skills, but something that’s really hard to ask for that’s not quite a “skill” is money. We all need it (unfortunately), we can all share it (hopefully) and it can be used for some very, very valuable projects (certainly!). One thing I realized is holding us back is proper ways to display our arts. I’d be much more willing to reach out to public art spaces to ask to hang our work if we had proper means to do so, and it turns out there are some great ways to raise funds for something you care about online.

SO, without further ado- our Indiegogo campaign —> Right Here! 

Share the link, donate what you can, and if you can’t- share some more! We’ll use any penny folks have to offer towards funding for frames. I can’t wait to see all the possibilities for hanging our work around the community and any effort we make towards sharing this “alternative” art style with our local community I believe will go a long way.

Thank you!!

Here are some artist profiles to help you get to know us better.