Inspiration Monday

Happy Monday! It looks like the worst of the precipitation and cold of the last few weeks has passed for now. It’s so nice to see some sun peeking through, and it shows how desperate we are for warmer weather when just the peek of sun and temperatures above 20 degrees gets me thinking about spring activities! I’ve been trying to curate a bit more for the Innisfree Art pinterest board because it seems the more interesting projects I find, even more keep popping up! Pinterest is a great place to find new artists as well as projects, and a current artist I’m inspired by (and keep coming back to in order to bask in the brilliant colors) is Christian Robinson at (and what a fun name for a website)

An illustrator living in San Francisco, Robinson says he likes to “blur the lines between work and play” in his work. That is absolutely what we try to do in art class. This mentality definitely comes through in his work…he has obviously worked hard for this distinct style that has been recognized by Sesame Street and Pixar alike. His illustrations have such a great geometric foundation that contrasts beautifully with bright colors and hand-made textures.

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Below is a short animation Robinson did for Sesame Street Workshop season 45 which aired in October 2014

I would love to see Corinne illustrate a book with Elizabeth’s flowers in the background and Andy’s landscapes as a foundation. Something to work on in the future, for sure!