End of February Round-Up

Our round-up is a bit late, seeing as it’s already March but it still seemed worthwhile to revisit previous goals and set some new ones (or continue the old ones!) throughout the month of March

We have now entered the 10th week of #52weeksofprintmaking, though we’ve printed a few more than that! (Perhaps I’ll save those for when we inevitably get behind). Here’s a reminder of all the prints we’ve done with a corresponding reference list (left to right, starting at the beginning of each row)

1. Corinne’s airplanes in dark orange on grey and red for weavery bags (screen print)

2. Brooke’s flowers in cream on light blue for weavery bags and pouches (screen print)

3. Brooke’s house in grey-blue for a future quilt (styrofoam relief print)

4. Vinh’s house in green on muslin for ??? (screen print)

5. Elizabeth’s flowers in white on orange for custom pillow cases (screen print)

6. Kim’s flowers in turquoise on red for weavery bags and pouches (block print)

7. Sian’s abstract shapes in white on various colors for book covers and weavery bags (screen print)

8. Collaborative hearts for Valentine’s day weavery bags (screen print)

9. Corinne’s dancing heart man in turquoise on muslin for hand warmers (block print)

10. Ellie’s Bok Choy drawing in black ink on paper (block print; test for apron printing)

But that’s not all that happened in February!

We also made custom pillows and a bench cover for another cousin :


We started some self portraits (to be continued…) :

We did some screen printing and some stamping:

We celebrated Valentine’s day

And we said goodbye to a few friends

Both sides were printed with handprints from the art class.
Both sides were printed with handprints from the art class.

Overall a wonderful month with some wonderful projects completed, begun, or still in progress. Either way we got our hands messy (literally), gave some cards to people we loved, and made some new stamps. Just a few items checked off our February list but we’ll keep plugging away at the rest! A few new goals include

1. Continue to create corresponding stamps to accompany screens for printing

2. Do a project that helps us learn about a famous artist who has contributed to their community (to reference an upcoming workshop that we will participate in!)

3. Double our inventory for upcoming craft fairs so we can spend the month of April labeling and refining

4. Make some progress on our self portraits for a possible group display in the office.

Let’s leave it at that! Looks like a good enough list….look forward to some more weavery bag linings and an abundance of sewn pouches in the coming weeks.