Valentine’s doodles and Funky prints

There’s something really satisfying about the way wax resists water. We’ve tried it with crayon before, but it felt like with Valentine’s day approaching we needed something with a bit more of a pop! So we broke out the oil pastels and watercolors on Friday and went to town- mostly in the theme of hearts which seemed to be on most people’s minds. I have to admit I’m not the typical grouch towards Valentine’s day- I happen to really love it and enjoy the excuse to send mail, draw cheesy things, and indulge in chocolate a bit so it was a really cheerful hour of creating and thinking about our loved ones. One thing that happened that I’m very appreciative of was the wide range of colors used- not only the typical pinks and reds but we had black watercolor over red, rainbow hearts outlined in contrasting colors, and hearts overlapping other hearts in varying textures and color combinations. A simple activity for an open-ended hour of creating- even paired with some poetry! (to be shared later this week)

I also have the pleasure of having almost 2 hours of 1-on-1 time with an artist on Fridays now, and they’ve proven to be some VERY productive hours! Brooke is always open for whatever crazy projects I have planned, and participates in them with helpful feedback, attention to detail, and patience when it comes to things we haven’t done together before. She’s truly an asset, and I’m so glad we get to work together now! Here are some of the things we printed on Friday- funky prints on hand-dyed fabrics for an upcoming project, fabric for weavery bag linings, and stenciled pouches for our “wellness kits.” We loved seeing all the colors together- definitely more in this style to come! Brooke called the first print (the dark yellow on blue/yellow fabric) our “Macaroni and cheese” print- it even turned out we had mac for lunch on Friday!