End of January round-up

We have a new stamper! Stephen absolutely loved this process

I’m going to try to start a “round-up” of our projects and progress at the end of each month of posting so we don’t lose sight of how far we have come, as well as state a few goals for the upcoming month to see if we can keep tabs on our progress. Yesterday was the last Tuesday art class of the month, and it’s hard to believe that a year ago at exactly this time we were starting a 5-week printmaking course where we practiced several different types of printmaking. A couple of the things we worked on contributed to a Valentine’s market where we sold handmade flowers, patches, and cards to village members and raised about $75 for charity. The other project we did was a collagraph printed coloring book- which reminds me we haven’t re-visited this technique since last year! Here’s what we worked on this month: 1. We started our “Village Houses” project where each artist began making their styrofoam printing block etched with a line-drawing of a house of their own style and choice. We’ve printed three of these, with two more blocks ready to be inked so you’ll be seeing many more of these in February!

2. We made some block prints of an artist’s illustration and made our very first two-color printed fabric for lining weavery bags.

3. We were inspired by the “little things” such as children’s book illustrations and simple crayon and watercolor on paper. We reminded ourselves that even the tiniest steps lead towards the greater goal!

4. We had our very first custom order- pillow covers for the nursery of a new baby in my family. Elizabeth’s flower design was printed by Brooke in white on middle-orange fabric, and then they were sewn into envelope-style pillow covers. These will be sent off today!

A few goals of the following month are as follows 1. Create pattern pieces for our pouches and aprons so we can begin learning how to cut out patterns to be sewn together. 2. Do a project that “gives back” whether it’s making Valentine’s cards for a nursing home, writing anonymous love letters, making something for someone dear to us, creating a beautiful display in our village, anything! 3. Work on developing a stamp to accompany each screen print- this may not be something we can accomplish this month but it’s something to work towards. 4. Make sure we have time each week to “get the sillies out” and really tune in to each person’s creative needs so we’re not so focused on “production” that we miss out on getting to know each other better creatively. And FINALLY here’s a sneak preview of a new, really fun fabric the first class worked on yesterday…we’ll print on these next week with an equally fun design made by Sian. It’s our first time hand-dying our own fabric (aside from some tie-dye days during the summer) and it worked really well- more to come! (I credit our courage to try this to this blog- it’s wonderful! you & mie)


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