Sketch to Screen Print Tutorial: Part 2

Okay, so! We’ve added in another step since the last tutorial which will make this a 3-part thing. It was a bit unexpected so the pictures aren’t as specific to the process but it’s the most simple part so it should be pretty easy to see what’s going on. Also, instead of “step-by-step” I’ll just describe the pictures since it doesn’t really need a thorough explanation

This is made out of a piece of Speedball “speedy-carve” block cutting material, about 2″ by 2″ in size. A single one of Elizabeth’s flowers (pictured in the last tutorial) was printed on a laser printer and transferred using a warm iron. Very simple! All that does is transfer the ink to the soft rubber block to create the guidelines around which to carve. I have a basic carving tool also made by Speedball that does the trick. Only a couple artists currently feel comfortable using sharp tools, and as someone who has personally gouged herself with this exact tool I’ll carve our stamps for a little while. However, since the material is so soft and easy to carve perhaps this is something more people can learn in the future. One step at a time!


Really all there is to it after that is to roll ink on the stamp with a brayer and stamp away! We decided to do our first 2-color print by first stamping and then we’ll screen-print over the top using the design you saw in the last tutorial. Many people were excited about the process and were eager to stamp a few flowers so I can see this being a weekly thing.

IMG_3966More stamped flowers- this particular piece of fabric will eventually line a bag from the weavery. More pictures once we do our second layer!