First art class of the new year

So this is the new year…and I am very, VERY excited. Admittedly, energy levels were a bit low at art class yesterday but I think I’ll attribute to that to lingering holiday lethargy. Yesterday was one of those days where the final plan for art class looked much, much different than the plan I woke up with- maybe the theme of this year will be “go with the flow!” But in all seriousness I’m making a conscious effort to sense the mood of the class and react accordingly, rather than just sticking with the plan whether folks are up for it or not. This may seem obvious but the difference it makes when we enter into a space where our mood and emotions matter and are respected and listened to is enormous. If it’s a slow day, let it be a slow day- if we’re ready to go and stretch what we know, let that happen too. Yesterday was a slow day, and despite my best efforts to inject energy into the atmosphere (extra coffee, wearing bright colors, etc.) we had to slow down the pace.

I didn’t get a picture of it, but our “do-this-if-you’re-frustrated-or-bored-project” for yesterday was to draw on big pieces of brown paper with white crayons with the intention of eventually cutting out shapes to fold into envelopes. THEN the idea is to fill aforementioned envelopes with beautiful prints of the sketchbook pages we’ve been working on every week for the past 6 months. There’s project 1 for the new year out of…10 billion. Seriously- we have that much to do. It’s exciting!

Project 2 is an evolution of and earlier project (in trying to keep with another goal of not re-inventing the wheel each week) where we printed a drawing of a house that Jean did for valentine’s day last year on fabric and thus started our house project! I’ve yet to come up with a clever name for this- we’ll open that up to the class to decide on next week.

Here’s Jean’s house printed in a red-orange on muslin. Her blocks look so sweet grouped together and I can’t wait to see everyone’s house interpretation printed in a similar manner. See our relief printing tutorial here!


In the first class there were just three of us for a while (joined by two at the end of the class) so we had time to talk about home, which seems to be a word and a concept fresh on many people’s minds right after break. It’s been mentioned by a few folks here at Innisfree that they feel their Innisfree home is their second home, and that their housemates feel like family members. As a fairly new college graduate, I can’t even emphasize how much I resonate with this observation since so many people don’t have homes or can’t seem to find something truly like home. After a short discussion, we practiced drawing a few houses of our own from simple combinations of squares, triangles, rectangles, and circles.

I can’t wait to see what these will look like printed on fabric! Speaking of which- here’s a shot of our latest prints: soon to be turned into lovely functional products!


These prints were done by both screen printing and block printing illustrations by Kim and Brooke. We have a few more prints coming up by new artists so stay tuned!