Works in progress, prints, and more prints.

This was our last Tuesday art class until January 6th…OH NO!!! Yes it’s just a few weeks and yes I’m glad we get to spend time with family and friends for the holidays but it’s going to be hard to step away from some really neat projects we’ve started!

We did some more block printing, and I decided to get started carving one of Kim’s drawings into a new block. Andy had yet again the great idea to do different stripes of colors on our fabric, so we started with a deep purple and lightened it up with some red- not sure what color the next stripe of flowers will be!

IMG_0285This is a print by Ellie from our Alphabet Book we did last spring. Each person was assigned a letter or two, and was given a sentence that we had previously written as a group. This sentence was “Yaks play with yoyos. Yellow is the color of the yellow brick road!” Then the illustrations were drawn by each artist, traced over with dimensional fabric paint, and used just like a collagraph print. What is a collagraph print, you say? Well, the art of collagraphy is defined by the adherence of a dimensional material to a stiff surface (here we have used dimensional paint and cut-out pieces of textured upholstery fabric for the letter adhered to cardstock). Then, the “printing plates” are inked, and turned over onto the final paper to be printed on. We did all black prints and bound them together to make a complete alphabet book as our first 5-week printmaking course together! It’s exciting to see how far we’ve come since then. The other day I decided to make a print with Ellie’s printing plate, and after asking her if she’d like to submit it to the Very Special Arts show in March I framed it and this is the result! She’ll write the “Y” sentence below the print at a later date. This is such a neat print- I’d love to have it hanging somewhere in the village!