Tuesday prints and projects

We were all happy artists this Tuesday! Most of the Wellness Kits we made were sold at Open House, so we decided to get started on more book covers for our mini mandala books. We just love the way watercolor works with crayon, so there was more joyful experimenting with those materials. Kim started a new painting, Brooke showed off her sewing skills (that I didn’t even know she had!), and Vinh plugged away at a few more background washes for his “Hey Dude” prints. The best days are the days where we lose track of time and learn new things at the same time. Yesterday was one of those days!

Andy and I worked together while others were busy with their own projects to create a new print. We just received some fabric-safe block printing ink in the mail, and I was so eager to try it out. With Brooke’s suggestion of using dark blue, and my affinity for light printing on darker fabric we created quite the beauty. Andy suggested we print the dark blue over some previously printed white flowers and it turned out SO lovely. I discovered that Emma was completely mesmerized by the process and jumped up to help every time I asked for a volunteer, and that we will be doing over-printing MUCH more in the future.

I’m consistently impressed with everyone’s focus and seemingly endless supply of creative marks, thoughtful suggestions, and patience with new materials. Here’s to stretching our minds and collaborating more as we learn how each other works.