Inspiration Monday: Pinterest

If anyone is familiar with pinterest, you know that it’s pretty much the go-to place for all things crafty and creative. I’ve had a pinterest account for a while now, but just couldn’t bring myself to use it much since it seemed most of the things on there were things I’d have every intention to make or try but never actually do. In the spirit of doing things more intentionally, I started a “community projects” board a while back and have since seen some amazing projects that I’m just dying to do with Innisfree artists! More than just a reminder that we could stay busy for years and years and regret all the things we’ll never be able to make, this board has become a place where I go to recharge the creative sections of my brain and remember what I mean when I say I LOVE doing community art! I’m proud to say we’ve done a couple of the projects in this collection and rather than feel overwhelming it feels satisfying and happy to see such an endless supply of ideas and great ways to make art together.