Open house: Before, during, and after

It seems I am almost completely incapable of taking action-shots. I’d like to think it’s because we get so into our work it’s hard to stop and step back even for a picture, but it’s probably mostly forgetfulness. That’s why I should never say for sure when we’ll post next because sometimes we’re so busy we have no pictures to show you! Perhaps since this was the final push towards selling our goods, things will slow down and we can step back and complete some of the things that have been lurking around for a while now. We worked really hard on Friday to put together a few last-minute items for the craft fair that was hosted alongside the wreath making on Saturday. While I’ve yet to take pictures of all the fun things we made at the arts and crafts tables at Open House, here are at least some shots of what we’ve been doing lately!

We made crayons at Open Studio on Friday and everyone seemed to love the process. Peeling paper off of crayons is so satisfying, as is choosing just the right colors to be melted into the mould. We had to bring the toaster oven outside because there may  have been a few unexpected materials that caused things to smoke a lot! We put the finished crayons in pouches printed with one of our artist’s designs along with a miniature mandala book, lip balm and tea from the herb garden, and some paper confetti. I got the idea from an art therapist on Etsy who sells them with animal totems, smooth stones, fuzzy fabric, and colored pencils. With her permission, we mad our own versions with art class and herb garden goodies!

Here are pictures of the mandala book containing drawings by several artists, and the pouch with Elizabeth’s print

Our table for Open House ended up pretty full, and it was neat to see the wide variety of things we’ve been working on all together! Paper making class contributed paper bowls, ornaments, and handmade paper and the art class contributed a pillow, some hand-printed pouches, keychains, wellness kits, and coloring books from last spring. Here’s our spread:

Every time we sell at an event, I get a clearer idea of where our talents meet the need so that we can produce items that people actually want to buy. I had to admit I was discouraged for a while there because it seemed our more therapeutic arts didn’t really fit in with the more refined products that we make at Innisfree. However, when we get to put everything together and see just how much we’ve come up with over the past few months the satisfaction outweighs all doubts. I hope everyone who has a hand in creating these goods feels just as satisfied, as I am incredibly proud of their efforts and so excited to see where we go next!

On another note, here are a few of the paintings Tuesday art class has been working on. We’ll be submitting to Very Special Arts soon so I was hoping to get a few shots in before we said goodbye to our pieces for a while, to be hung at an art show from March 6- May 11!

And finally, a few action shots of our felt wreath project at the Open House yesterday

EDIT: Thankfully I found a few examples of what we made at Open House displayed on a shelf in one of our houses!