Inspiration Monday

In the spirit of the holidays and Innisfree’s upcoming open house, I’ve been looking for holiday craft inspiration geared towards kids who may attend the open house, as well as crafts that suit our own community members. Ideally, these crafts will be sustainable, kid friendly as well as disability friendly, low mess, and able to be taken home without much drying time.

At art class on Tuesday I had two of our watercolor-lovers experiment with only paper, watercolors, and the prompt of “holiday cheer.” Not very specific, but we were pleased with the results and it gave us some building blocks off of which to develop some really neat projects!


I loved Jean’s simple tree, and it was a pleasant surprise that she didn’t use any red and green at all! It would be neat to use this idea by creating the basic tree outline and using wine corks to stamp on the bright ornaments with acrylic paints to make greeting cards. Here are a few holiday card ideas that follow this “simple christmas tree” theme

We would make these “sustainable” by using paper that the paper making class has already made and wine corks that we have already so the only material we’ll need is paint.

Another craft we could try is this “twiggy star” ornament. There will already be hot glue guns at the workshop, and twigs are in abundance around here. The garden has extra dried flowers to be used which would look so lovely paired with these twiggy ornaments!






Thirdly, I’d like to have a wreath project going on continuously for the kids since the adults will be busy making their ornaments and we don’t want to leave anyone out! Ideally this would take the form of a couple felt wreaths where kids and others could have fun attaching and detaching the cut-out felt decorations on the wreath. I’m imagining it functioning like felt boards such as the one to the left, but in a wreath shape rather than a tree.




That’s all for now- We’ll be revealing some progress on new projects on Tuesday and talking later this week about an exciting event coming up in January so stay tuned!