I spy with my little eye…week 4

In our fourth week, Katie the photographer has now started to say at the end of our thursday walk- “I have an idea, let’s take pictures next week!” I love that she’s now taken it on as her own project- she’s getting better and better at framing her subjects, though we do have to remember to move closer sometimes, and has a new pink sticker on the trigger button so she knows that if her right finger isn’t taking the picture the camera is likely turned the wrong way! It’s so fun every week to see her open up to everyone in the village and encourage them to “Show me your Venus!” I have yet to figure out what that means…though I’d like to think it’s some reference to the Venus of Willendorf, a limestone figure about 4″ tall that is said to have been one of the first representations of humans, dating between 24,000 and 22,000 B.C.E.  But then again maybe it’s just Katie-speak for “Strike a pose!”

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