Henri Matisse: The Cut Outs

I’d like to start looking at something different with the first art class since we just made our texture plates and we need to move away from them for a moment to find a really good use for them! The plan is to spray paint the plates with a hard lacquer to get them to stay put, then use them to do rubbings for future projects

Part of this could mean making our own papers first by rubbing with crayon then by painting over with watercolors. We still need to work on covering our papers instead of overworking a specific spot, so this should be a good way to introduce that.

To take our future textured papers a bit further, I’d like to introduce a collage technique- cutting and pasting our papers down to create new shapes and different kind of texture, and perhaps find a whole new world hidden in our papers we didn’t know existed! A friend of mine recently introduced me to an artist of whom his previous work I was very familiar but I had no idea of the direction it had taken in its later years! I give you: Henri Martisse’s cut-outs

These works will be at the MOMA until February- field trip anyone?!

I’d like to put an Eric Carle spin on it by making the papers textured instead of flat, bur perhaps we’ll do some of both! I think this work is beautiful, inspiring, organic, and right up our ally…stay tuned!