The first art class of fall

Regardless of your feelings about fall, I hope we can all agree that this Virginia weather has been spectacular and fortunately for us it has been just perfect for making art outdoors!

For the fall equinox, the tradition at Innisfree is to create a sukkoh, a traditional Jewish “booth” decorated with natural items harvested from the earth, so we spent the first class collecting goldenrod and black eyed susans. Sian, Stephen, Katie, Maggie, Emma, Brooke W., two students from Tandem school in Charlottesville and myself  took off to the Cabana for a nice long walk to do some harvesting and give our guests a partial tour! We’re so excited to have some extra hands every few weeks, and it’s always nice to have a bit of a change, so thank you Tandem students!


For the first class, the long-term project was put on hold because a) I need to get my act together and figure out just what our next step will be and b) it was just too darn nice to stay inside! No pictures of the class, but to the left is the result of many  hands working on the sukkoh.


There was pinning, cutting, x-acto knifing, and painting abound in the second class, and we were also lucky enough to have a special visitor! The mother of one of  our own community members is a wonderful artist and was willing to come and give us watercolor-enthusiasts an intro class. More detailed photographs to follow!

Here’s what we worked on…