In-progress personal projects

Here’s a glimpse into some of the work the second group did on Tuesday. Corinne continued to cut out details in fabric for her spotted dog stuffed animal, (see picture here) Vinh worked on his lettering for his screen-printed t-shirt, Elizabeth found the right size for her cat stuffed animal, Kimmy experimented with acrylics and Jean and Andy did some great sketches “en-plein-air” Great Job everyone!!

It was so neat to see Jean and Andy sitting outside on the nice, cool day drawing the Innisfree scenery. Unfortunately it was an active day so I didn’t get any pictures, but maybe next week when our guest artist (and TWO guest students) comes! We’re getting more specific in our work on these projects, and I’m so excited to see them evolve. A few folks aren’t pictured here because they were so eager to get some extra work in that they took their projects home.