I spy with my little eye….Week 1

One of our artists is especially excited about photography. We recently went to an art exhibit where the handmade papers, mosaic butterflies, and detailed graphite drawings didn’t impress her…but when she saw the photography section her creativity switch seemed to flick on. She instantly responded to the photographs and was actually too hooked to notice that the group was leaving her behind! Her flair for theatre has been evident for a some time now, which is probably why she’s so good at directing shoots!

“Okay now your happy face!”

“Okay now your angry face!”
“Okay now your sad face!”


We’ll have to work on holding the camera while pushing the button in order for these great ideas to come through clearly, but with a good ‘ol game of “I spy with my little eye…” focusing on a subject gets much easier!

Here’s a sneak peak. This was our first day of a hopefully consistent lunchtime routine, so you’ll get to see the seasons change with our weekly “scavenger hunts.” Enjoy!


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