Inspiration all the way from Korea

One of the main things I’ve been thinking about in regards to the art we create is how they can transform a simple 2-d drawing into a functional object. Taking things a step further adds sophisticated dimension to our work, and makes us think of one piece of work in multiple ways. There’s a design company in Korea called “Kimu” that does just that- their website simply describes their process as

“1. EducationGive the art education for the mentally deficient people
2. SelectionSelect the mentally deficient people  with a natural talent
3. MerchandisingRefine and merchandise the arts from mentally deficient people
4. SupportingGive the art education for the mentally deficient people”

I think perhaps the translation from Korean to English is a little off, since the term “mentally deficient” isn’t the proper way to refer to adults with disabilities, so I prefer to stick to the term “artist” since that’s what we all are, anyways!

We’re also not “selecting” anybody specifically for talent, rather building upon the talent that’s already there and attempting to express it in the most unadulterated way possible.

What I find really neat about this process is that the proceeds from the products developed go right back into art education for adults with disabilities.

Check out their work!


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