Personal projects

Since we just finished a good length of time where we were working on items to sell, we’re taking a break to pursue personal art endeavors! We’ve recently split into two art class sections, the first composed of a group of folks who need a little more guidance whereas the second group is wild with ideas. I’m taking the opportunity to explore basic techniques with the first group that will feed into a group project that’s been on my mind for a long time! The second crew is all over the place, each choosing their own adventure in various media! Should be a wild ride…the only deadline we have is February where we’ll have a fun collaboration with a school in Charlottesville so stay tuned!

First Group: We’re playing with textures and fine motor skills. The past two classes we worked on finding texture in dried leaves by doing some rubbings, then practiced tracing lines to find where the crayons brought out the veins of the leaves. Last week we began gluing beans down along those traced lines to add a 3-d texture to our rubbings, and hopefully these will become printing texture plates for future printed materials!

Here are our textures we did with the leaves, framed and hung to show our first fall findings:

Then, we began gluing on texture to photocopies of those rubbings:

We’ll do one of two things with these texture plates. We’ll either continue to work on them, adding other nature elements to bring more texture variation and leave them at that, or we’ll use them as actual printing plates and roll paint over them to print fabric blocks. I tried it on a test plate:

Photo on 9-10-14 at 2.24 PM #2

and the print looked quite sweet:


Photo on 9-10-14 at 2.26 PM #2

but other than the beads I had glued (we’re using beans so it’s more natural colors) the print didn’t quite come out. Then again, the fabric was already printed. If I can get my hands on enough solid fabric to do these prints, they just might work! Maggie, Emma, Sian, Stephen, and Brooke are all rockstars at rubbing prints to get the details to come through so we should do just fine.

Phew! This will be a long post but hang on…

Second group: These guys came up with all kinds of ideas. We have a cat stuffed animal, a dog stuffed animal, a screen printed t-shirt, two watercolor paintings, and a soon-to-be-decided painting. Check out the awesome sketches:

I felt terrible when I knocked some water over onto the edge of Kimmy’s painting but she said the sweetest thing- she said “That’s okay I’ll make this into a sunshine!”…the perfect example of her flexible nature.

We took a break this week but stay tuned for more in-progress pictures next week!



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